What is Home Staging?

Dining rm_Home StagingHome Staging is all about creating the best first impression— paving the way for potential buyers to fall in love. It is purposely, thoughtfully, playing up the features of a home with little investment for a major $$ payback!

Buyers start house hunting with a logical list of criteria, but the home they actually buy is chosen largely for emotional reasons. The principal aim in a home staging project is to allow potential buyers to walk into the house and have that “this is it, this is home” feeling. Once they can say, “I love it,” they are willing to look past some of the criteria they had on their list before they walked in the door.  To sell your home fast, for top dollar, you want buyers to lose their hearts. Then the competition doesn’t stand a chance!

People sometimes imagine they can look past ugly decor or empty rooms and see potential, but the truth is they usually CAN’T!! Most buyers can not visualize size and scale, so properly placed furniture gives them a frame of reference.  That’s why successful builders use staged Model Homes to sell their projects because new community developers know that a furnished/decorated house helps buyers visualize the lifestyle they could enjoy if they purchase the home.

Contrary to what you might think, staging it’s about more than preparing your house for sale. Staging is what you do after you’ve cleaned, de-cluttered, painted, made minor repairs; it’s all about dressing the house for sale. Little things like clutter, bad furniture placement, personal memorabilia, dripping taps or doors that stick, all help the buyer emotionally disengage from the house. That’s why it is critical to pay attention to even the smallest detail when staging a home to sell. The process of Staging is equally as valuable in higher and lower priced homes and regardless of location.


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  1. blinds (1 comments) says:

    Having sold a home last year I realised that staging your home was a very important part of selling a home. I found it really hard to keep things under control with small children. In the end when everything was ready for a viewing we left the house and let the estate agents sell the house with no distractions from the children. We also invested in some additional soft furnishings and the investment paid off.

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