Should you paint?

Have you ever noticed how your mood is transformed when the sky is blue after a series of dull grey days?

The same thing happens when you transform your walls from a color you never liked or never noticed, to the perfect shade.

You will fall in love with your rooms again! Depending on the color, you may feel energized or relaxed, but either way you’ll definitely feel inspired.

However, choosing a color palette you will want to live with in your home is very different than choosing one for a home that’s being decorated to sell. There are many factors involved in marketing and selling your home. The curb appeal of your home plays a big role in the sales process, and it’s one of the things you can have direct control over. You’ll never get another chance to make a first impression of how your home looks from the street. If your home exterior needs new paint, potential buyers might not even get out of their car to come in and look. Putting fresh paint on your home, both on the outside and the inside, is usually the one thing you can do that pays off the fastest. You’ll get more buyers looking, and they’ll like what they see more, translating into a better chance for a quick offer at a higher price.

Try to stick with light, neutral colors. These seem to resonate best with buyers. A fresh coat of light or warm beige on interior walls will freshen up your home and make it more marketable.

Simply put, new paint is usually the most profitable improvement you can make when getting your home ready for sale. So unless your paint is already in like new condition, you probably should paint. Almost anyone can paint a wall if they take their time; and at $20 – $60 a gallon, paint is the cheapest decorating tool.

Test Your Paint Color-Vital Home Staging Tip!

Many people are opening up to color on their walls, even when they are preparing their homes for sale. Do yourself a favor and remember to test the color before investing in all the paint for your home. While the color on the paint chip might look perfect, the actual paint can differ enough to make it necessary to rethink the color and choose another.

Paint chips are printed on paper and while the colors are close to the actual color of the paint, ink and paint are two different mediums. The surface of your walls, the primer you use and the lighting in your home can all cause the paint to vary slightly as well. Even the color of your floors and furnishings has an effect on how the color of your walls is perceived.

Purchase a small test can of each color you are considering using in your home and try it on your walls in the rooms you plan to use it in. Live with it for a few days and study it under different lighting conditions at different times of the day. If you are happy with the color, go ahead and go forward with your paint choices. If not, try something that will work. Now that you have seen the actual paint on the wall, you will know which direction you need to go in choosing another color.

Remember, for the purposes of staging a home for sale, you will probably not want to go too extreme with wall colors, but you do not have to stick with white either. Have a little fun and make your house expressive, but keep things calm and simple. Your goal is to have a home that appeals to as many buyers as possible and to get it sold quickly! If you need help, contact a Sweet Interiors by Candy for a color consultation.

Don’t let wallpaper stand in your way of an inexpensive makeover!

Many of us live in older homes that have layers of wallpaper that have been there for years. The thought of removing it becomes a roadblock because we’re afraid of all the plastering work that will be needed if we take it down.


I admit, this isn’t always the “right” way to do things, but does it really matter if the alternative is living in a depressing space that you hate, or trying to sell a lack luster home?

Paint over wallpaper_Before and After

After priming, a deep caramel color was painted right over the ugly wallpaper that had probably been there for 20 years. New more colorful bedding and a properly proportioned night stand and lamp completed the transformation of this master bedroom.

What’s the worst thing that can happen?

With thousands of colors to choose from, most people opt for “builder beige” or white because they’re overwhelmed and afraid of making the wrong choice. Or worse, they’re afraid of what other people will think.

If you always stick to beige and white, you won’t offend anyone, but you probably won’t have a room that you or anyone else walks into and says, “wow!” Well, you might, but your furniture, accessories and art will have to work that much harder.

With paint companies now offering trial sizes, taking a color ‘out for a test drive’ has never been cheaper. If you hate the look, try again.

Having to repaint a wall is not the end of the world and certainly shouldn’t stand in the way of trying something new.

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