Home Staging

Real Estate Enhancement:

It all begins with an initial walk-through of your house inside and out, a room-by-room evaluation to assess the individual needs for that room. Everything from curb appeal to cabinets is covered.  This service includes a detailed report of recommended improvements (Action Plan) to maximize the value of your home. I will take detailed notes and with your permission, I will photograph each room that will be used to come up with a detailed written Action Plan and may include additional Home Staging tips for the DIY homeowners. This Action Plan / Report will be submitted to both the homeowner and real estate agent if applicable. Services are provided based on an hourly fee, with an initial 2-hour minimum consultation.

Action Plan/Report includes:

•Suggestions for painting and repairs

•Suggestions for outdoor curb appeal

•Tagging of items that need to be packed up or put away


• Restyle mantles, bookcases & countertops


•De-cluttering a room

•De-personalizing (removal of personal photos)

Furniture Placement / Removal  / Rental

“Hands-On” Home Staging for Occupied Homes:

Because knowing what needs to be done and actually doing it are two different things, I can assist you  in making the recommended changes from the Action Plan items to transform your home and ensure your home will be shown at its finest. The “action plan” is provided after an initial walk-through or staging consultation is performed. Each room will be edited and arranged to show off its best features and can usually be completed in a Half Day (4 hours) or up to a Full day (8 hours+). Pricing will depend on the number of hours required for the amount of work to be completed using existing furnishings as well as the time needed to rent/purchase accessories if necessary, in order to complete the look of each room.  I will take “before and after” photos that you and/or your realtor may use as a marketing tool that may be essential in the re-sale of your home.