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team-building-Home tager and realtorWe are a team! Most all salespeople in general are motivated by money but they are also motivated by the endorphins released when they make a great sale! Together you the Realtor and I can be a dynamite team. We will work through issues and celebrate successes that will allow us to grow further together.

As a seasoned corporate Professional, a degreed Designer, and Real Estate Enhancer, Candy Dumas respects the business relationship between you the Realtor and your clients. With 20 years of corporate workplace skills, Candy will incorporate and honor confidentiality and practice discretion with the details and sales of homes. Most of all, she will ensure both you and your clients a competitive edge in attracting prospective buyers.


Home Staging is the best Real Estate marketing tool!!  It’s the key to moving properties! Sweet Interiors by Candy specializes in improving the marketability of furnished listings. Whether you need an objective eye, a walk-through evaluation, and/or hands-on professional staging, Candy takes care in adjusting her services to custom-fit your tight schedule and unique needs.

What are the benefits of using a Home Stager / Real Estate Enhancer?

Competitive Advantage

The well-maintained and welcoming look of a professionally staged home often increases the chances for a quicker sale. Houses that show better, sell faster and for a higher price. A staged home has competition over homes that are not staged. A seller’s existing furnishings are often used in an occupied home; furnishings can often be rented for a vacant property.

Staging allows existing homes to compete with new homes, which are preferred by some buyers.

New construction communities often have staged model homes because developers know that a furnished/decorated house helps buyers visualize the lifestyle they could enjoy if they purchase the home.

Appeals to more Real Estate Professionals

Real estate agents are more likely to show a staged property first because of the higher probability that their clients will like it, buy it and close the deal faster.

It Takes Less than a Minute

Real Estate data and Research shows that buyers initially make up their minds in less than a minute. Strong curb appeal and effective home staging help ensure first impressions are POSITIVE.

Only 10%

Only 10% of buyers can visualize the potential of a home, especially if it is vacant. A staged home helps buyers imagine the property’s full potential. It projects the kind of warmth and WOW!” factor buyers notice and remember.

Return on Staging Investment

Recent studies show that professionally prepared listings sell as much as 30% faster and for 13% more per square foot and homeowners can expect a 169% return on their staging investment.

Did You Know? A recent study by the national association of the remodeling industry found that a $700 paint job results in a 200% recovery of the cost upon resale of the home. (National Post, Mar. 11/05

MLS  PHOTOS: Now more than ever it is imperative that, when selling a property, the MLS record (and any other type of advertisement) includes photos of the property being sold. More importantly, the photos must be attractive and show a “model home” quality. This model home look is achieved by staging the property. The best time to stage a home is before putting it on the market, although it is never too late. Here are some of the reasons attractive and well-taken MLS photos are so important:

  • Listings that do not include photos of the property are often skipped and attention given to listings that do have photos.
  • About 85% of buyers look online before contacting a Realtor.
  • MLS photos provide the “first impression” of the home, making it a must for it to be staged before taking the photos to avoid a bad first impression.
  • Currently there are more homes on the market than buyers making offers, which make it harder to compete.  Outstanding MLS photos give the staged home an advantage and set it apart, attracting buyers and creating the interest necessary for them to actually visit the home.

Also, please be aware that the “Description” of your listing is as important as the photos you show. Remember you want to attract buyers not scare them away.

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